Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm Not Lazy, I'm Busy!

Cripes! Ever since the kids got out of school I feel like I don't have time to turn around much less post on a regular somewhat weekly basis. Here's the gist of what's gone on up here on the Mountain for the last couple of weeks:
  • Katie graduated the 5th grade and made the A/B honor roll.
  • Alex is waiting impatiently for his grades to show up in the mail so he can get his computer/nintendo privleges back
  • Both kids are working for the business this summer to earn money and are creating their own fiber items to sell in the shop. I even gave them their own shop section Fluff N Stuff. So far, Katie has sold 2 batts and Alex has sold 1 spinning cloud
  • I think Beauford the bunny is possessed
  • George is starting to act like a dog. Who ever heard of a tortoise that acts like a dog?
  • Eric is cranking out tools as fast as he can and can hardly keep up with orders.
  • Deb Menz is going to use Eric's blending hackles and art roving hackle at SOAR  this year!!! She's a guru in the fiber world so this is a big deal :)
  • I finally got my bag back from Interweave Crochet and I'm keeping it for myself!
  • We actually got one cluster of grapes on our vine this year, the deer have trashed the tomatoe plants, and the yard is growing out of control. I personally like the "wild meadow" look' suits us.
  • Katie's feet are now officially as big as mine, no kidding!
  • Alex is at least 2" taller than me and rubs it in every chance he gets
  • We finally broke down and got NetFlix so I'm totally addicted to the Addam's Family....again.
  • Our TV with it's new digital junk doesn't pick up ANYTHING at all!!! When we had analogue TV we got lots of channels, now nothing. I thought this was suppose to be progress???
  • My rare and elusive Wood Lily had 4 (yes, 4!!!) blooms on it this year!! This is unheard of mostly because these lilies grow wild in the woods and the deer usually eat them before they bloom and rarely do they mature enough to have more than one bloom on them.
  • BMH is now selling Merlin Tree spinning wheels and Katie and I love them. Yes, Katie is spinning some now!!
  • Eric and I are taking turns making dinner and I haven't burned the house down yet........I hate to cook and use the smoke alarm as a timer.
  • I think my kids are living in their PJ's because we don't have half as much laundry to wash now
  • I miss our pool. We need to win the lottery so we can fix the damned thing!!
  • My house has never been cleaner than when the kids are home for the summer....I love child labor!

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Anita said...

Ok, I'm ready for a nap after all of that! LOL
Congrats to Katie for the A/B's! And good luck to Alex on his. :)