FIX Co-op Info

Blue Mountain Handcrafts is a proud member of the Fiber Indie eXperience Co-op....aka F.I.X.

The Fiber Indie eXperience Co-op has events every month so there is always a drawing your orders qualify for.Prize Box Drawings---Sept, Nov, Jan, March, May, JulyGift Certificate Giveaways--Oct, Dec, Feb, April, June, Aug

Fiber Indie eXperience is a cooperative of independent artists who work together for the benefit of the whole by helping, encouraging, and promoting each other. We don’t see ourselves as “competitors in business” but as friends of a like mind with a passion for fiber. Each member has a small business in which they sell their fiber and fiber related handcrafted items concentrating on quality rather than quantity. When you shop with a F.I.X. member you can be sure of receiving a beautifully handcrafted item and all our members genuine appreciation for supporting a fellow co-op member. 

According to the dictionary, ‘indie’ is an informal version of the word independent. Although this definition is accurate, the word has come to mean more. For many, it has come to symbolize originality and forward-thinking. By this definition, indie is any business or designer that is not associated with a large company.