Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Huge Sale and life in general

Well, we've gotten more snow and there's lots more expected this week and weekend. Joy. Everyone here is sick of snow. I've been sewing, carding, and spinning like there's no tomorrow to keep the shop stocked and I must say I am very pleased with the batts I'm getting! I've totally rearranged my "area" where I do my crafting. It's gone from a cluttered mess to a well organized work space........wonder how long that will last. I was approved to be a dealer for Greener Shades dye which I'm thrilled about!! I've added a page to order the dyes to the new Store on the website. Oh, Eric's fiber tools are about 10% less expensive if you get them through the website versus Etsy. I'm about to crawl out of my skin waiting for the Interweave Crochet magazine to come out........still not sure if my bag will be in it or not since I haven't gotten any responses to emails sent. I know they're busy and I should just be patient but it's killing me.

Eric is somewhat incapacitated at the moment. He managed to get bitten by spiders and poison ivy at the same time both of which is he very allergic to. So, to say the least this past week was more fun that humans should be allowed. This week will be just as much fun because he can't drive with the "incapacitated foot" and our roads are snowy and icy. I hate driving in that junk and I can't get the chains on the van which makes for a hair raising ride. Somebody shoot me now. The kids are hanging in there and Katie is making super cute clay animals and Alex usually has his nose stuck in the computer only coming up for air when there's food involved. I think I may have to hide that thing for awhile before he forgets there are other people living in the house with him. Teenagers, you've got to love 'em because it's against the law to shoot them.

Oh! I'm having a big sale in the jewelry shop....35% off your item total feb. 2 thru feb 14th. I'd like to close it down and totally concentrate on the fiber shop so I'm getting rid of as much as I can . If you want a good deal on vintage costume and fine jewelry check it out....lots of designer pieces. Beth1818 Vintage Costume & Fine Jewelry


~ Phyllis ~ said...

Wow! Sounds like you are having a wild and hectic time. Hope Eric's poison ivy and spider bites heal soon. Good luck with the new dyes.
If I could I sould send you some warmer temps to melt that snow.

Beth (mamabeth on Ravelry) said...

Thanks Phyllis! It's been a pretty wild ride for the last couple of weeks but hopefully things will get closer to normal soon ;)

Anita said...

Tell me, what is normal? I don't remember anymore!
GAH, I wish they would respond to your emails, that's just rude. :P

Hope Eric is feeling better soon! And be careful driving in that mess! Both of you don't need to be incapacitated.

Beth (mamabeth on Ravelry) said...

Normal for this house is what I guess I meant which is not really "normal" by any stretch of the imagination ;) Driving.....not if I can avoid it. This means unless someone is bleeding profusely I will consider it, otherwise I'll give them a bandaid and tell 'em to quit whinning! It's the winter weather that makes me wonder why I like living on this mountain!!!