Sunday, January 24, 2010

Crazy Busy

Okay, I'm going to try and do a real post.....sort of. It's been crazy busy here and I'm running in "warp speed" mode  to try and keep up with stuff so I don't get so far behind. Here's a quick and dirty run down!

* I sold my picker and can now order the fine cloth Fancy Kitty carder!!! Yes, I know I already have one but it's medium cloth and doesn't do fine batts with fleece as well as I would like. Can't have to many fiber tools!!
* I got the fiber tools up in the Etsy shop though some are pre-order listings because Eric can only make them so fast but we wanted people to get a look at what was possible and if they want one they can order it and he'll start on it right away.
*The website has been changed around a bit and I've added The Store (handspun yarn, fiber, tool cases, bags, etc) and Wool Combs & Hackles pages where people can pre-order fiber tools for about 10% less than what they are listed on Etsy.
*Finished more bags, cut more fabric, and now have a huge knot in my left shoulder. Still hunting for the heating pad but the bags are coming out well. I've got tons more fabric to cut and a million color combinations in my head.......don't worry, there's plenty of room since there's nothing else up there at the moment.
*I was approved to be a retailer for Greener Shades dye which is a fabulous non-toxic chrome free acid I just have to come up with enough $ to make the hefty initial order
* I finished my acrylic stash busting afghan
*I finished Katies' split toe socks
*The kids helped clean the house took all day and I had to empty the vacume cannister 3x' looked like I sucked up small rodents there was so much fluff in there from carding and combing
*Got 2lbs of absolutely gorgeous Huacaya mahogany colored alpaca fleece washed.....Eric loves this stuff. It's super soft and he loves the natural reddish brown color
*Alex got all A's on his 2 benchmark tests at school....he was very proud of himself ;) He was also 1 of 5 kids in his grade to get 100% on his algebra sol........he said his teacher was so happy he thought she was going to grab him and kiss him.
* Katie got an A on her social studies test and she thinks she got an A+ on her book report/project.......she said her teacher pulled her aside and told her how impressed he was with her artwork (project portion of the report) and that she should go to art school when she gets older. Eric and I already knew this but for her to hear it from her teacher was a major boost for Katie.
*Everyone is sick of snow........we still have some snow in the yard from before Christmas and now it has a inch of ice on top of it. Lovely.
*The whole family is loving some old black and white Alfred Hitchcock movies Eric got super cheap at Walmart. They're almost as good as the 1950's Sherlock Holmes TV shows in black and white.....they're my favorite.
* I haven't heard back from Interweave Crochet yet about my bag and I'm going nuts. I think I will break down on Monday and email Toni just to make sure she got it okay........I hate bugging people.

Okay, I need to take a shower and do some more sewing.


Anita said...

Okay, I'm tired just from reading all that! :)

Tell the kiddos congrats on the great school stuff!

And I renewed my subscription to the mag just to make sure I didn't miss your issue!

Beth (mamabeth on Ravelry) said...

I got tired just typing it! I'm so proud of the kids......they're smart, funny, and happy...I don't know what we're doing wrong;) I got a subscription to the mag too so I don't miss the isse since the grocery store doesn't always have it. Back to work!