Friday, February 5, 2010

My Carding Katie

I had to share this. Katie wanted to card some batts while I was working on the computer so I gave her a tub full of wool and lots of sparkly add ins and told her to have at it. Rest assured, she has been trained in the proper and safe use of the drum carder.....I would not let just any child use a drum carder unsupervised. Anyhow, Katie carded up 3 gorgeous batts with a total weight of 5 oz.  I was thrilled and was looking forward to spinning them tonight. So, what does the little bugger do.....she wraps them up and packs them in a box so she can give them to me for my birthday in 2 weeks. Cripes!! I think she just likes torturing me............


Anita said...

He he! Happy Birthday in 2 weeks! LOL (I'm pretty sure she gets that honest, snicker)

They came out awesome! :)

Beth (mamabeth on Ravelry) said...

Yes, she does. Now I understand why my mother hoped I would have a child just like me.....I think it is considered indirect payback ;)

Her batts did come out well! She was very proud of them!!