Monday, October 26, 2009


I got alot of things finished this weekend!!! Yeah! I finished my Nov. Phat Fiber Box Samples and a custom order for two Caddy Sax bags.........they came out fabulous!! I took the kids to the Halloween festival thingy at Katie's school. She visited with friends and Alex flirted with the faculty--he knows them all from being there when he was in elementary school. I finished alot of dyeing this weekend and need to get some new goodies in the shop. I dread needing to sew today........I still have a knot in my shoulder from sewing the custom bags this weekend. I think my chair is to low, or maybe the table. It couldn't possibley have anything to do with me being vertically challenged. All the leaves up on the mountain have turned gold and our little Japanese Maple is screaming bright red........a nice splash of color agains all gold. I missed the Fiber Festival in Berryville which really sucked.......I've never been and have wanted to go for a few years now........but I decided since I'm half way there on getting the motorization kit for my drum carder I wouldn't go. I just couldn't see spending the money at the festival  that I'd saved for the kit. Oh! I have some handmade items in the little gift shop/farmers market at the bottom of the mountain and I found out on Friday they've actually so 3 or 4 of my things and owe me around $100!!! I'm suppose to come pick up my check on the 15th, yeah, of November. Geez I hate waiting. I was so excited (this is suppose to be my mad money) I told Eric. Mistake. He, being my practical worry wort Capricorn, wants to use it for something completely boring like bills, food, and the mortgage. I need to win the lottery...........there might be something left after paying the bills so I could do a little shopping ;)

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