Saturday, October 31, 2009


It's Saturday and I didn't need to get up early this morning so what happens.........I wake up at 3:45 a.m. Figures. On the brighter side, I have a knitting group meeting today which is always fun and then the kids and I are going to the grocery store to raid the candy aisle. Alex is to old to trick-or-treat now and Katie wants the candy but really isn't interested in dressing up this year and traipsing around to get it (it's cold and wet here) sooooo this year we're going to get ALOT of candy and a Halloween movie and stay at home. Trick or treating on the mountain is no easy task. The houses are not within walking distance so you have to drive, most of the houses don't participate, everybody seems to have Cujo for a pet, and there are bears wandering around at night and don't forget the bobcat. So you spend an hour of getting in and out of a car only to come home with enough candy to fill a gallon plastic bag. It's not worth it!

My hands are almost their normal color again which means I should dye some roving this weekend. Monday my motorization kit for my carder is suppose to be here along with the brush attatchment that I won from Ron at Fancy Kitty........I'm climbing the walls waiting! Katie used her clever little hands and big imagination to make fimo ends for a set of my bamboo knitting needles. One of the needles is a tulip flower, the other a chubby bumble bee............they are super cute!! Alex has been writing on his short story every day.........I think he's up to 15 pages now. Before this, we couldn't get him to write a paragraph. His handwriting is awful (I've seen crippled chickens do better) so he hated to write. Now that he is using the word program in his computer he writes everyday and isn't as interested in the games on it. Eric has been running around packing things up and making a list..........reminds me of a neurotic Santa Clause, beard and all. He's taking a load of stuff to one of the local auction houses on Monday which I'm very happy about. This means a little money for the family and some much needed if I could just get him to clean up the wood and tools in the basement I'd be in heaven! Well, it's almost that to early to vacume? I'd probably be shot.

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