Sunday, August 23, 2009


Yeah, I's been over a week. When that happens I'm either super busy or it's been super dull here. No wait, it's never dull will always be super busy. Okay, we'll start with the kids. Katie had a friend over to spend the night for her birthday even though it is not until next week (on a school day BLAH!). We blew up balloons until we were dizzy, three quarters of a sheet cake, and opened half of her presents............the others will wait until her actual birthday. The suspense is killing her and I'm enjoying the heck out of it ;)! Alex got new shoes.....size 11 wide in mens, no kidding! He loves the clothes he picked out for school....... button up collared shirts with various prints. I was shocked! My son dressing like a respectable young man and it's HIS CHOICE........where did I go wrong? To take the sting out of that he did learn to blow up birthday balloons using only his nose. My husband said it's a talent every boy should have. Great. Eric is still fiddling with old pocket watches. He has 13 of them on his "area" and they are all telling the same time but they are tick tocking at different rates. The sound makes my twitch act up. He took Alex with him to an auction yesterday and on the way home they stopped at the grocery store. Eric got Alex the new issue of MAD Magazine.............he said it was important literature and news that every growing boy needed to keep up with what's going on---he didn't fool me for a minute............when Alex is done with it I will find it on his nightstand. Oh! I have to share this. Eric was digging around in the freezer on Friday and found a package of
veil..............dated February 2005. HOLY CRAP!! It looked more like flakey fish after 4 years in the freezer. Apparently it got buried under ice pops which everyone knows never go bad. Guess what he did with it. Yep, he put it back in the freezer...........he wants to see what it will look like in another 4 years. Cripes!
Me, I've been playing with fiber and sewing. Katie and I have decided this year we are going to crochet and knit scarves and hats in an effort to destash the acrylic yarn in the house. Her school asks for donations of hats and scarves around Christmas to give to needy families in the area. What a great way to destash the acrylic! I finished one set last night and Katie is working on a scarf. We'll see how many we have by December.
I've joined the Etsy Fiber Arts Street Team and signed up to be a contributor to the PHAT FIBER SAMPLER for September with the theme of "Legends, Folklore, & Fairtales". I had to scramble to get enough samples together to get my own free sample box but it's ready to ship on Monday. I also spun up a skein of purple, brown, and white art yarn with fabric, ribbon, trim, beads, and novelty yarn that I'm debating on whether to keep for myself or not. It's BEAUTIFUL!!!! Well I've got tons of photos to edit, shops to update, and something else that I've managed to forget. Happy Sunday!

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