Tuesday, September 1, 2009



As usual, I'm running late on posting Katie's 10th birthday stuff. I'm still having a hard time believing my beautiful doll baby is 10. Cripes! Where does the time go? She's been making lots of neat stuff with her new stash of Fimo clay..........I love the Viking ship with the little viking getting sick over the side. I didn't get it in the photo, but the viking standing next to the one getting sick is patting him on the back. Oh! The apple trees Katie started from seeds are doing great!! I have no idea where we'll plant them when they're big enough to come out of the pots but Katie is sooo proud she was able to do start them from seeds. Katie has made amazing progress in bike riding. We don't have asphalt here........we have a goat path with huge mud puddles and grass growing in the middle of the road....gravel is scarce and large rocks stickin up are plentiful so bike riding is a bit of a challenge for a beginner. She and Alex have been riding through the mud puddle in the road and coming home covered in mud head to toe. They love it. The puddle is actually about 6 to 7" deep 3-4 feet wide and at least 3-4 yards long..........hmmm, not really a puddle....a small lake maybe. Oh! We saw a black bear on our deck the 2nd day of school. Yep, a real live bear. It wasn't a full grown one but still as big as a large dog. It was right when we needed to go up to the bus stop too. It saw my morning hair and ran into the woods. I know I'm no beauty in the morning but that was over reacting I think. I better get back to work.

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