Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I know, its' been awhile. I don't know whose idea it was to kick my life into overdrive but if I find them I'll be doing some kicking of my own. I'm so busy my head spins with all the stuff that needs to be done. It's times like this I wish I could find my frontal labodomy coupon because I think it is the only way things would slow down to a reasonable pace. Okay, here we go......

Katie came back from the beach and she's brown as a biscuit. I don't know any grown woman that wouldn't be jealous of that tan........I know I am. It's hard to get a tan when you're in front of a computer most of the day. She had a fabulous time and remembered to bring Eric and I back a baggie of sand from the beach. Yeah, we collect sand from various places. I know it's weird BUT it is free so no one ever has a problem bringing home a little baggy of sand. Alex missed her dreadfully but won't admit it.......must be that teenage boy thing. I think he's grown 3 or 4 inches this summer.......he's taller than I am. Yes, I know I'm short but it still doesn't seem right. His feet are enourmous!! I tried on one of his sandals that he's almost out grown and they were about 2 1/2" to long for me. Katie and I think by the time he's fully grown we could go sailing in one of his shoes. The kids are excited about school.........I guess Eric and I have bored them to death (our evil plan worked!). Katie got the new man teacher this year and Alex is excited about going to a new school and having a little more freedom than they did in the elementary schools.
Eric is happy..........he finally has 2 red tomatoes on the vine. We have lots of green ones but only now are they starting to turn red since we haven't had many really hot sunny days required for red tomatoes. He's also got a large green pepper and some really bushy basil. I know this doesn't sound like much but when you live in a place where the deer think your garden was planted just for them to eat this is alot. I've been spinning some art yarn , putting together kits for the BMH shop, and sewing up some needle cases and Caddy Sax bags in hopes that folks will be thinking about pulling out their needles and hooks soon with fall around the corner. Where did the summer go? I feel like I missed it constantly working and having no time for yardwork (my yard looks like a meadow) or taking the kids up to the lake swimming. I still need to do that before they go back to school. I feel bad we haven't done more stuff like that but when it boils down to do you want to go swimming or live in a tent under a bridge well, it's not a really hard decision. I'm sick of this computer and photos...........I'm going to go sit outside and watch the grass grow...even more.

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