Monday, July 27, 2009


Wahoo! I finally learned how to corespin yarn and in the process also learned how to make a gorgeous squishy soft textured yarn. I also came up with a new little bag I'll be putting in the shop that I call "Caddy Sax". Eric even thought they were neat. This is saying something because he's brutally honest and if he thinks something looks like crap, well he'll tell you in no uncertain terms. I'm really excited about all this new stuff and I've been sewing like a fiend......I have the knot in my shoulder to prove it.

Katie has been invited to go to the outter banks of North Carolina with a friend for a week. She's very excited and the rest of us are jealous as hell. We haven't had a vacation for 3 years and I miss the beach. We've planned some stuff to do with Alex but, well, its not quite the same. He'll get over it.......we plan on spoiling him quite a bit while she's gone. I need to update my website with photos of my projects..........I've been knitting like a fiend too. Well, I have a mountain of dirty dishes and the kids have junked up the living room so bad there is only a little path to get to the front door so I better go crack my "clean up this mess" whip and do some dishes.

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