Saturday, August 1, 2009


Well, Katie went to the beach today and will be gone for a week. I started missing her yesterday and she hadn't even left yet. I know, I'm pathetic. Alex left this morning too to spend the night with a friend but he will be back tomorrow......I guess I'll live. My problem is I really like having my kids around. They are old enough that I don't have to wipe noses and bottoms anymore (you cannot imagine how grateful I am for that) but now they are old enough to enjoy as their own individual little persons with their goofy sense of humor, wild imaginations, inquisitive minds, and those sunny smiles and infectious giggles (and the occasional snort). Yep, I miss my kids and I know Eric does too. I will admit, it is nice to have a little time that it is just Eric and I. We went grocery shopping.......he's such a romantic......and he held my hand in the parking lot. He's such a sweet heart. Sometimes we get so caught up in figuring out how we are going to pay the bills and making sure the kids are okay we forget that WE are people too, most of the time. Okay, enough pondering the deeper thoughts and emotions..........I just don't have the energy for it.

I've been spinning and sewing..............what's new right? I love the new Caddy Sax and stole one for myself---it's Perfect for socks!!! I also started spinning some crazy art yarn and got this gorgeous stuff with lots of coils and granny stacks around a soft feathery novelty yarn. I need to make me one of these needle cases........I really like this gold colored one, still thinking about stealing it from my shop. I'll give it the 3 month test.........if it doesn't sell then I keep it. Well, I still have tons of pictures to edit and of course the house is a wreck. Hmm, maybe I'll just have a drink and watch the grass grow..........the rest can wait another day, it is Saturday after all.

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