Monday, July 20, 2009

Sunday On The Mountain

On Sunday the kids and I decided to get out the white cotton t-shirts and do some dyeing. We used some vintage Batik dyes and made a huge mess. It was great! They dyed T-shirts and had so much fun they ran in the house and found more shirts, socks, and yes...even underwear. I'm sure my kids will be the only ones at school with tye dyed drawers. I dyed some white cotton yarn I had and I tried the corn fiber didn't like the dye at all and after I washed it ALL the dye came out. Oh well. So, in short the kids and I now have a colorful wardrobe and purple hands to go with it. The roving at the bottom is some acid dyeing we did on Thursday.
I cleaned a bunch of jewelry out of the Etsy shop today......things aren't moving fast enough to pay the bills so I've got to ditch some of it on Ebay. I really don't like Ebay but the money is alot faster. Well, Eric is getting ready to do haircuts and I have batts to make for the BMH shop. I think there is a pile of dishes calling my name to but I'm going to keep ignoring them for awhile longer ;)


Jenny Leggings said...

I am now going to go on a pant dying spree loving the look of those pants!!!

Beth (mamabeth on Ravelry) said...

They are pretty wild! Katie wore her blackberry underwear yesterday and loved them ;)