Wednesday, July 1, 2009

June Etsy Shop Drawing Etc.....

Well, I finally got the camera away from Eric to do the Etsy shop drawings for June. Congrats to the 6 winners!!!

On Monday I got my Ashford Scholar that I won on ebay. I'm absolutely thrilled with it!!! It is in like new condition and spins like a dream. Katie and I have already "pimped" her up some with some really cool stickers and I made a spinning wheel caddy for the front to hold all my whatnots that I need (or might need) when spinning. I named this wheel Elphaba or Elphie for short. I had a small Elphaba doll from a happy meal and she fits perfectly in between the bobbin holders of the built in lazy kate. Yes, Elphaba is the name of the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz. She had been a favorite of mine since childhood. Yeah, I was weird then too. Anyway, I'm having a ball spinning sock yarn on her!!

Alex made a sign for us to hang by the door so we know someone has put George (the tortoise) outside to wander and graze. Mostly we do this so we remember to bring him in. I happen to glance at the sign yesterday and this is what I found. Hmm.... At first I thought Alex did it. A closer look at the handwriting and I realized Eric did it!! My husband is 54 years old and still does stuff like this, frequently. They really don't grown up do they? Never a dull moment here..........a lot of goofy ones but nothing dull.

Alex is making me some more of his fabulous boxes out of greeting cards.........I've just about used up all the ones he made before packing jewelry in them to be shipped. He has also claimed by incense collection. Some of it I've had for 20 years, no kidding. It still smells good though. The smoke bothers Eric so I haven't burned incense in the house for 15 years. Now I find Alex sitting on the front porch burning incense and playing with the cats. He just loves the mellow little dude. Katie made these really cool orifice hook charms out of fimo clay last night. They need to go in the oven to harden before they are ready to use. I still can't make up my mind which 2 I want..........I love that mushroom and the goofy sheep though!!!

Well, I think Word Girl is on PBS now and I'm ready for a snack and some spinning!


Wintergarden said...

Elphie rocks! Great photos!

Beth (mamabeth on Ravelry) said...

Thanks Thea!!! I love that little wheel. Katie wants to spin on her now so it looks like I may have to share occasionally ;)