Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fiber Fiber Everywhere!

First of all, we had a great 4th of July! We didn't set the woods on fire, nobody got seriously hurt, and it didn't rain.........we consider that a success. The kids had a great time picking out the fireworks and lighting them (with supervision). Our neighbors further down the mountain had BIG fireworks.......the illegal in VA kind. Our trees were to tall to see them but we definitely heard sounded like we were in a war zone, the cats were nervous wrecks all night.

It's been a fiber filled week for me. I've carded batts, spun lots of yarn, and sorted the merino fleece that I dyed. The kids and I took a load of stuff up to the auction house on Tuesday and on the way back we stopped at Target and Game Stop. I got 4 sets of heavy plastic hair combs so Eric could make me a hackle. What the heck is that you say! Well, you use it to make roving for spinning. Wednesday, Eric cut the bottoms of the combs with one of his heavy duty carpentry saws, Alex predrilled holes in the combs, and Katie and I sanded the ends so they would be smooth. Eric then drilled them into the side of a board that I had sanded and voila! a home made hackle that works just fine! I've only made two small rovings with it trying to get the hang of it but they are beautiful!! Eric said it's got to be one of the weirdest things he's made yet........give me time, I'll think of something else even weirder for him to make ;)

Things are pretty much the same here. My fiber is taking over the house, Eric's watches are covering the kitchen table and tick tocking like there's no tomorrow, and the kids are still running around in their PJ's having a happy lazy summer. Alex's birthday is next week so they got chocolate cake mix and icing...........he wants to make his own cake this year. I still can't believe my little man will be 13. Holy crap!! Where did the time go? I can almost measure the time with all the new silver hairs I'm finding amongst the brown..........I earned them though. The kids are excited about Saturday. We have a knitting group meeting (they love going to those) and then we have to go to the library. Katie finished her chapter book and wants to get the next one in the series, apparently it was really good..........she's not a big reader. Well, I better go and list some jewelry on etsy.........I've been slacking and haven't listed anything for awhile.

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