Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday at my house

It's been a crazy week. What's new, right?! Thursday Alex and I went to an auction for most of the day. I came home with 4 boxes full of jewelry boxes (full of jewelry). I'm not talking little boxes, I'm talking about the kind you pack stuff in to move and it takes two men to pick them up. I'm swimming in it. I got some beautiful pieces but I haven't even sorted through 1/4 of it yet. The kids and I gave Eric a break today and went to the library and goofed off in town for awhile. Actually, he said something about mowing grass so we split. That new library in town is fabulous with only one drawback. They have virtually no knitting books that I don't already have (or crochet for that matter) and NO NADA ZIP ZILCH books on spinning. If you quilt or cross stitch your in fat city..........I don't have the patience for either. Figures. I got a sprinkler for the kids at Big Lots for $3 so they could play in the water since our pool is nothing more than a sandbox now. Good grief! After playing in the water and getting totally soaked they got goofy.......Katie started it. She's definitely my goofy child.
Oh! Katie actually did get a Granny Smith apple see to sprout and it has two tiny leaves. Yeah, no kidding! She's sooo proud of that. Eric planted it for her today and she's expecting apples by the end of next week. The kids garden bed is doing well, mostly because there's nothing in it to interest the deer. The watermelon and the marigolds they've planted so far have gotten bigger and so have the weeds, not quite big enought to pull though. The deer have eaten my roses, Eric's grape vine, the tomato, ALL of my lilys, and are working on decimating the hostas. If anyone wants to come hunting at my house you're more than welcome to pitch a tent in the yard and shoot any deer you see. They're driving me nuts!!!
I do have a few flowers they didn't eat--my Blue Eyed Star Grass and the Geranium Eric and the kids gave me for Mother's Day 5 or 6 years ago (it's like a shrub now).
Alex made me a great sign with his wood burning kit and is making me the coolest boxes to pack jewelry in. Of course, I pay him for the boxes but it's nice to see him interested in something other than Nintendo. I finally finished Katie's socks and after taking forever to do them I decided I wanted a mindless thick yarn project to do ( my 2 functioning braincells need a vacation). I'm making a poncho out of handspun yarn of various colors that really don't match in the least. It's mainly for me to wear in the house while Eric has the thermostat set on "meat locker". I think he was a polar bear in a past life...........I've got goose bumps sitting here I'm so cold. Anyway, it's waaaay to quiet upstairs so I'm going to go and see what Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum are up to. Have a great weekend!

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