Monday, February 9, 2009

Fiber Goodies, Rocks,and Valentine's

It's Monday........again. All our snow has melted and we're looking at mud now. That figures........the kids and I spent most of Sunday cleaning the house so now everybody can track mud on my clean floors. If the house stays clean for 24 hours I'm happy. You really can't ask any more than that with 2 kids, a husband who won't take his shoes off, and 4 cats in the house. I believe I swept up enough dirt and tiny bits of gravel from the drive way to repot all my house kidding. Oh well, we do live in the country. Oh! Katie and I went to my every other week knitting group in town and we had a great time!! Katie like it so much she wants to go next time too. She's working on a scarf for a little friend at school (Nick) to give him for Valentine's Day. Bless her heart, she has liked and been friends with this little boy for 2 years now and is waiting for him to clue in that she LIKES him and not just likes him. Boys are rocks Katie, get use to it and have patience. Melissa brought some of her fiber goodies from her Etsy shop and I went home with enough money to make a local telephone call ;) I got some beautiful roving and a batt.......can't wait to spin them up!! I also had her make me some buttons that are VERY cool!! I also got my new BMH labels to put on my bags and needle cases in the mail on Saturday, I love
Alex was having a hard time with a Valentine gift for Stevie (who apparently thinks he is the most handsome nicest boy at school) so we finally decided that she would like a Q bag to carry her Nintendo DS stuff in instead of using a purse. We picked out some fabric that we hope she will like and a vintage Grateful Dead patch I'm going to put on the front of it that he said she would LOVE. Hmm, I hope she doesn't read this, it would spoil the surprise. Eric and I are listing and packing for Ebay and Etsy.........nothing new there. I've got tons of stuff to put on Etsy and some for Art Fire but I really don't feel like doing anything today........nothing new there either.
Oh well, you know how the saying goes. I owe, I owe, so off to work I go.

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