Friday, February 13, 2009

Downed Power Lines & The Flu

Yes, we've been having more fun than humans should be allowed. Wednesday night we had super high winds that blew down trees and snapped power poles. We woke up on Thursday with electricity (believe it or not) and LIVE electric wires crossing our road both ways out. How many kids miss school because they have live electric lines crossing the road and can't get out to get to the bus stop? I know 2 that didn't go because of that.

Eric and I took my dinosaur computer to the "computer guy" in town who worked his magic on it (I think he threated it with a stick) and now it has goo gobs of memory and I got a new monitor--the other one was as old as Alex. I love my "new" computer and not having to wait for it to boot up in the morning. Eric also put up two shelves for me (I'm a horizontal surface space hog) and I cleaned out, rearranged, and reorganized my "work area". It is so much better than it was I can't begin to tell you the difference!
Yesterday, Katie Bug came down with the flu. Poor little muffin missed the Valentine's party at school and she had Nick's scarf ready and was so excited about giving it to him. Oh well, there's always Monday. Alex got serious "brownie points" for the Q bag he helped design that I made for him to give Stevie along with a huge chocolate heart. He said she absolutely loved it and was in awe telling him how nice, sweet, thoughtful, the best, wonderful guy he is. Of course, he loved hearing all this despite his pretending to be embarrased. I think he said he even got a hug out of the deal and I think he may have gotten a kiss but he won't own up to that.
I've been spinning like a mad woman and I'm almost out of roving.....AAAAHHHH! I've been eyeing some but I need to sell some stuff first. Birthday computers are all well and good but if I've got to get older I want something fun to take the sting out of it. Well, I've got alot of updating to do (I didn't have a computer for 2 days) on my website and email to wade through so I guess I better go be productive..........well, I'll think about it, maybe.

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