Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Spinning Addiction

January 6, 2008

Woke up this morning to ice on everything and freezing rain. It looks like everything outside is encased in crystal. The kids were hoping for snow but aren't complaining since they cancelled school. Well, I know I'm addicted to spinning now. Yep, I had the dream. I was trying to haggle with someone who had all the accessories I need for my wheel and they just wanted to much money. It's one thing to not have extra spending money in reality but when you're broke in your dreams to well, that's just not right. They're your dreams........you should be able to shop all you want! Hmm, well it dawned on me that my husband was a carpenter before he got laid off. I'm sure he hasn't forgotten which end of the hammer is the business end. He could make me a Lazy Kate for plying and even more bobbins for my wheel....DUH Beth! Mostly, it's getting him to find the time to do it. Maybe if I phrase it as "for my birthday" he'll at least start. It's worth a try and I'm desperate.........believe me, I need my beauty sleep and if I keep having these dreams things are going to get ugly.

Poor little Katie Bug has bronchitis. It hurts to see the kids sick and laying around with no energy. She is getting better but this has wiped her out. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Alex doesn't get it...or the rest of us for that matter. Eric is working hard in the other room (I can hear computer keys tapping and smell smoke) so I better get to work. I've got photos to take for this site, ebay, etsy and who knows what else. What I wouldn't give for a day off with no obligations or sick children.

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