Thursday, January 8, 2009

Anybody Know What Day It Is?

I'm so mixed up I don't know what day it is anymore. The kids have missed two days of school because of the ice we got and it's totally thrown me off schedule. Katie still has bronchitis but is much better and hopefully will be going to school tomorrow. She actually slept all night last night instead of waking up every two or three hours was like having an infant again having to get up so much.

Some of the girls on Ravelry who are local are getting together on Saturday to meet and knit. I would love to go but Eric may need the only working vehicle we have for an auction. It's also calling for rain and snow mix on Saturday. Murphy's Law I guess........wanna do something, make plans and then they get thrown out the window. Maybe I'll get lucky and Eric will change his mind and the weather will hold off until Sat. night. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Eric is cranking out old pocket watches on ebay and I'm getting stuff on Etsy and Art Fire. I've kind of been ignoring ebay.......truth is I'm sick of it. Things just aren't selling for what they use to and it makes me cringe when a nice piece of jewelry sells for 9.99 when I know I should be getting over double that for it. Crap! Oh! I finished the cabled fingerless gloves and have my pattern pretty much worked out. Now I've got to make another pair to see if there are any bugs in it before I post it on my website. The first of what I hope will be several free patterns I'll offer. I was thinking about offering the gloves custom made on Etsy but I don't know that I have enough of the right weight yarn for a good selection. We'll see. I better go finish doing packages before I have to make Katie's lunch. You all have a nice germ free day!

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