Friday, January 2, 2009

It's Finally Friday

What a crazy week! Eric, the kids, and I went to the auction yesterday. It was....okay. Things were just going for waaaaay to much money. I got a little bit but mostly I worked on a pair of Katie's socks---I need to take pictures this weekend. It was 16 degrees and windy as hell yesterday and today it's in the upper 40's.........what is that? They were calling for chance of snow but I think that chance flew out the window. The kids are dying for some snow. Real snow. Snow up to your hindquarters snow. They REALLY do not want to go back to school! They're having to much fun at home and don't even mind cleaning the bathrooms.....weird.

I got a bunch of stuff on Etsy today and a few things on ebay and am hoping to do some sewing and spinning this weekend. I want to make some project bags and maybe needle cases.........what I want and what ends up happening are often two different things though. Oh!! I got my box of roving today from the Sheep Shed Studio!!! YIPEE!! It's a good thing too, I just spun my last braid of roving last night. Katie named it "Peanut Brittle" because of the color. It's a wool and mohair blend and is very soft. The weight of it is somewhere between sport and worsted---I call it "distracted weight".........this is what happens when your kids decide they want to talk to you while your spinning. Oh well, it's still gorgeous! That's another picture I need to take. Okay, I'm going to go be productive, or at least pretend to be for another hour. You all have a great weekend!!

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