Thursday, January 15, 2009

Online Auction & Hot Dogs in Fat Jaws

It finally snowed here last night. Well, actually it was a dusting and it's practically all gone now but the kids had a 2 hour delay because of it. I've been listing stuff on Etsy like it's going to grow mold if I don't get it on. I've got auctions coming up next week and hope to bring home large amounts of jewelry.......hoping to and doing it are sometimes two different things unfortunately. I've finished my fingerless glove pattern that I will be offering for free as a secondary page on the Homicide Prevention page of my website. No, I haven't typed it up yet and I need to get pictures of the last pair I made in the large size. The kids like them so much they both want a pair. Cripes! Here I thought I was done and could get back to some of the other projects I'm working on.

Eric and I didn't go to the auction we had planned on today. They have some good stuff but not enough to account for driving the 45 minutes each way to be there in person so we're bidding on line. I've managed to get two things I was looking at........wool carders. Yeah! One set for me, one set for Etsy. Now I'm waiting for my hand cranked wool winder. Oh! Eric decided this Saturday would be a good day to go to the movies with the kids. We haven't done this for 6 years. The kids have been but we've not been as a family for 6 years. Last time we went Katie was three. We had lunch at home (hot dogs) and then went to the movie. I packed some snacks in my purse so we wouldn't spend a fortune on candy and I know she ate crackers and had a juice drink during the movie. When we got out of there I was putting her in her car seat and noticed her jaw looked fatter than usual. She had tucked the end of her hot dog in her cheek and it had been there since lunch!!! Holy crap! It had been in there for about 3 hours!!! How in the heck did she eat all that other stuff with a hot dog packed in her jaw?! Another of life's mysteries.................

I better go, my skein winder is coming up soon and I need to bid!

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