Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cleaning House & Fiberaholics Meeting

January 11, 2008
I'm cleaning house was either that or move and I hate packing and unpacking. This house hasn't been REALLY cleaned since, well I don't even want to say it's embarassing. I do the "kiss and a promise" as my mother use to call it once a week but that just isn't cutting it anymore. I've recruited Alex to help with the promise of an extra hour of Nintendo time as payment---he has to earn Nintendo time, no free play at my house. Katie is wittleing her way through a huge stack of make up work she missed this week at school. We're still debating on whether to send her back on Monday or not. She's better but still has a nasty cough and her immune system I'm sure is wiped out. I just know as soon as she walks through the door at the school she'll catch something else like a stomack bug, strep throat, or leprosy.

Oh! I went to the first meeting of my fiberaholics group yesterday. There were six of us girls there from Ravelry and it was so much fun!! We got to know each other a little bit, knit/crochet, and just have some chatty girl time in general. We met at the Daily Grind in town so of course I had to get a latte with whipped cream......can't remember the last time I had one. Cinnamon liquid flavored caffeine with a double helping of sugar, it was bliss. I've finished two pair (small and medium) of the fingerless glove pattern I've been working on---I know, I know, "take some pictures Beth!" . Well, Eric has to take the pictures so I can model the gloves. I should be able to bribe him into that, somehow. I should go finish helping Alex clean the house and then I can take a shower. Yes, I'm still in my sweats...........why take a shower if you're just going to get dirty cleaning? I don't think of it as lazy, I like to think of it as conserving water in a responsible fashion. Well, it sounds good anyway.........

fiberaholics meeting mug shot
From left (your other left) to right: Ashley, me, Melissa (standing), Tracy, and Ruth with C.J. taking the photo and 3 week old Evelyn in the baby seat sleeping hard........she looks like a doll baby, no kidding!

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