Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's Freezing In Here & Appliance Rebellion

Somebody get me a mixed drink!!! Jeez sometimes I wonder why I haven't lost my mind yet. Alex seems to think it's because one cannot lose something one did not have to begin with. Hmmm, remind me to wake him up at 2:00a.m tomorrow morning and then remember they don't have school (evil smile). Let's see, it all started with Saturday. We woke up to 3 degrees outside and 54 in the house--way to cold for me! Apparently the electricity went out early Saturday morning and did not come back on for good until late that afternoon about 4ish or so--it took our electric heat 24 hours to get back to 71 degrees. I didn't get much work done but I did get some spinning and knitting done. Then all of our appliances decided to flip us the bird. The microwave (which is older than me) would not heat anything, the stove didn't want to work right, and our internet connection was on the fritz. I was waiting for the toaster and the coffee maker to tell us to take a hike. They seem to be working fine now.................Eric threatened to toss them all out in the yard and use only the propane camp stove. I think it worked, well, except for the microwave who will occasionally work.

The kids had off yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Teacher work day..............what? Isn't teaching their job? If they consider a day off with no students a work day then what the heck do they consider it when the kids are there.........maybe babysitting. Let's not go there today.........................
Oh! It snowed!!! Yeah, enough to make a footprint in. The kids have been out to play in it a couple of times which means we are down to half a gallon of milk, half a box of hot chocolate, and half a bag of small marshmallows. The cats are driving me nuts. It's to cold to leave them outside all night (teens or less) and when they're in all they do is whine so you can't sleep. I'm ready to give them all away and just get a girl tortoise for George so he'll have a girlfriend.......tortoises are sooooo quiet and they don't shed. Okay, my carple tunnel is twinging. Stay warm and appreciate your working appliances.
. Finished large size gloves. Now I need to type up the pattern unless of course you can read Egyptian Chicken Scratchings....

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