Saturday, January 24, 2009

Free Cabled Fingerless Glove Knitting Pattern

I finally got the cabled fingerless glove pattern typed and posted on my website today. Yeah, I know, I'm about a week late in doing it......Murphy's Law if you plan on doing something you can plan on 600 things getting in the way of you actually doing it. I was able to finish Katie's gloves done in Bare Sheep Yarn's zebra stripes. She can't wait to show them off at school! I've submitted the pattern to the Knitting Pattern Central site so we'll see if they post it. Anyway here's a direct link to the pattern on my site BMH Cabled Fingerless Gloves Knitting Pattern
I've also created 2 new pages Beth's Free Patterns and Homicide Prevention Gallery where I would like to post pictures of other peoples knitting and crochet projects from any pattern. We'll see how much participation I get with that otherwise I'll ditch it after a few months. I also redid the clearance sale in my Etsy shop, hopefully this will get rid of some of my older stock........I gotta make room!

Alex came home with bronchitis yesterday poor guy. He was running a fever and had a cough that any emphazema patient would have a hard time matching. Eric is off at an auction today and promised he would bid on a hand cranked yarn winder for me. I'm sure he'll come home with goo gobs (that's southern for a whole lot) of antique/vintage pocket watches. It started spitting snow flurries a little while ago and a lady we know said the almanac predicted a snowstorm for the 27th, 28th, and 29th of this month. Hmmm, that's fine with me I just hope it waits until Eric gets home. Well, I better get to work and go check on my little guy.

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