Sunday, January 25, 2009



I know I just posted in here yesterday but today's Jenny's birthday and I had to wish her a Happy Birthday!!! I'm so lucky I found Jenny a couple of years ago when I went out on a limb and purchased some hand dyed wool on ebay----believe it or not I had never used wool yarn before. To say the least my friendship and my addiction have grown together and become a joy in my life. Okay, I'm get a little misty just thinking about the huge positive Jenny has been in my life so I'm going to stop now.....I need a tissue.

Oh, I need to pat myself on the back a minute. I just figured out how to get the damned pdf files on the BMH website for the free patterns--typing each one on the site was too much. Yeah, I know I'm a computer retard but this was a major accomplishment for me!!!
Also, my fingerless glove pattern was accepted for the Knitting Central Free Patterns and I've started listing my patterns on Ravelry for sale and the freebies. Eric is even looking at sites to pimp my patterns.........he's still amazed how well the toe up sock pattern is doing. Okay, I gotta go eat lunch.

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