Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm so far behind..............

Yep, I'm way behind on posting not to mention all the other stuff I need to do. I need a clone! We still have snow and ice on the ground but I'm trying to ignore it. I've been updating the BMH website with new stuff at least once and sometimes twice a week and BMH has a new newsletter!! Yep complete with news, coupon codes, new products, events and whatever else I can think of to put in it:) Don't forget to sign up......it's free!!

Well here's the stuff that's going on:

We are offering a fiber subscription for a short time to allow customers to try out various fibers we are considering carrying in the future. Try out the fiber and let us know what you think! There will be a discussion thread in the BMH Ravelry group just for subscribers to toss in their 2 cents. Did I mention you could win BMH Fiber Tools?
Random Beauty Bumps
 The bumps are so much fun and spin into a gently self striping yarn.......they are made of a 50/50 blend of Merino and Alpaca.


Starts: Retroactive Jan 30th
Ends: February 26
Prize: FIX Gift Certificate ……$65.00
Winner will be announced shortly after contest ends
Prize: gift certificate that can be spent in any participating FIX members shop/website….GC can be split up between several shops…winner chooses how to spend it.
How to enter: place an order with one of the participating FIX members shops. Post your order in the FIX$ GIVEAWAY thread in the FIX Co-op Ravelry group.

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DakotaRose said...

I know how you feel. Life seems to be speeding up, but I can't get out of second gear. LOL