Monday, February 14, 2011

NEW! Center Pull Art Roving at BMH

Blue Mountain Handcrafts is now offering center pull Art Roving in both smooth and chunky. I'm cranking this stuff out as fast as I can! Some will have luxury goodies added in (silk, sparkle, camel down, firestar, etc) and some will be a little more traditional super soft wool. All of the Art Rovings are hand combed and are super easy to spin requiring no predrafting and only a little drafting while spinning as they are not compact like mill processed roving.  Come by the website and have a look! Don't forget to sign up for our BMH Newsletter (secondary page to the Home page) for coupon codes, new product info, and upcoming events. Something is always going on up here on the mountain;)  We have also moved all of our one of a kind items off of Etsy to our website due to high Etsy fees.  So all Caddy Sax, batts, hand dyed top, yarn, fleece, etc is now on the website.

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