Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fiber Indie eXperience Co-op Is Accepting New Members!!

Just wanted to let anyone with an Etsy shop know that the Fiber Indie eXperience Co-op is now accepting new members!! If you have an Etsy shop and carry fiber or fiber related handmade items check out the FIX Ravelry group for more info. We've got a great group of Indie fiber artists working together and helping each other out in order to make everyones business grow! To participate in a prize box drawing you only need to send in one full sized item and one sample size item and agree to pay your portion of the shipping cost to send the prize boxes...this is divided equally among the participating members and so it is minimal. If you would like to participate in one of our PIX FOR FIX$ contests you simply donate $5 to the gift certificate pool that is given away for the winner to spend in the participating FIX shops of their choice. As you can see the co-op is "starving artist friendly" ;)

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