Sunday, August 15, 2010

BMH Shop Update and Misc.

Today I got two small fleeces washed.......I'm going to keep one for myself but I'm not sure which one to keep. One is a Targhee merino 4" staple and the other is a FDT/Corriedal X also with a 4" staple. Each fleece weighs about 1 1/2 lbs.......enough to make a sweater with I'm thinking. I would liked to have gotten more fleece washed but it's raining and has been for days so I can only dry on one screen downstairs. I did pull 5 more fleeces that I want to wash when the sun comes back out.....2 or 3 of which I forgot I had. I think that may be a sign of addiction when you can't keep up with what fleeces you have. Oh well!

I did manage to get some new things listed in the shop and I finished 2 awesome Caddy Sax bags with Mushroom print fabric to list later this week. Katie sold another sheep pin....WAHOO!! Things are pretty much the same here.....everyones picking colorful wool and sparkles off their clothes, constantly recounting firestar, bamboo, and silk inventory because I forget to write things down, and getting very excited about the Fiber Indie eXperience Co-op September Prize Box Drawing!! FIX got 2 new members last week so we should have more items in the prize boxes and we have a contest planned for October. I've added "Pages" to my blog with all the FIX info if anyone is interested. It's a great group of people:)


Anita said...

You've been busy, like always. :) I'd keep the merino if it were me.

bluemtnBeth said...

Strangley enough if I hadn't kept the two fleeces seperate I wouldn't be able to tell them apart....the FDT/Corriedale is just as fine and soft as the Merino. Hmmm, I may have to keep them both ;)