Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Caddy Sax Has Left The Building

Well, I messaged Toni and figured out all the info she needed for the bags, made the bag, and shipped it today. I'm sure it took me twice as long to make this bag as it normally would.......I'm a wreck. A happy wreck, but still a wreck. Keep your fingers crossed for me...I'm still not sure if the bag will be in the Spring 2010 issue of Interweave Crochet or if it's one of many items that they will pick from for the Noteables page. I guess I should have asked but I hate to pester people.......I know it drives me up the wall. Katie helped me decide on the final fabric combination for the bag to send in. She said this one "pops"! It's much prettier in person and the vintage fabric used for the pockets is gorgeous.......unfortunately, it's also pretty much gone. I think I have enough left for a small pocket on a needle case. This is the downside of using vintage fabric found at estate sales.....there's never enough left to make yourself something. Okay, here's a sneek peak for all 3 of you who read my blog ;) What do ya think?


Nalamienea said...

Gorgeous! I really just love these bags so much! I think I've already featured them on my blog, haven't I? hmmm... I may have to do it again in honour of your being in Interweave Crochet. hehe

Anita said...

#2 here... LOL
Love the bag! That's too bad about running out of fabric, but I can't wait to see your bag in the magazine!

Ruth Anne said...

It's totally AWESOME! I just love the color combination and it does "POP"! Congrats and I'll have to pre-order my issue from Interweave.