Monday, January 11, 2010

BMH Mini Monkey Sax Bag Giveaway on Phat Fiber Blog

Jessie at Phat Fiber featured Blue Mtn. Handcrafts today on the Phat Fiber blog with a mini monkey sax bag as the giveaway prize in the drawing!! Go check it out and get your name in the hat!!!

I'm still cutting fabric and climbing the wall waiting to hear from Interweave Crochet........I don't even know if they contact me when they get it or how this works. Is 9:00a.m. to early to spike my coffee?


Nalamienea said...

hehe definitely too early. :) I have no idea how those things work, but you should definitely find a way to relax a bit. Yoga? a bubble bath? hehehe :) I'm rootin' for ya!

InJuneau said...

Naw, it's never to early!