Thursday, October 8, 2009


Autumn is in the air on Blue Mtn.!! The leaves are starting to change, the last of the tomatoes are getting red, the last of the flowers are blooming, the kids last watermelon is almost done, and the air has gotten chilly. I'm actually looking forward to cold weather.....well, cooler weather. I can pull out my shawls, ponchos, and thick handknit socks......I've missed them. I've been bitten by the sweater bug...........I'm determined to use up some of my wool yarn stash making sweaters. Katie is the first in line for a super simple crocheted pullover hoodie.......I've finished the front panel and have started the back! I've got several fleeces that I need to dye and card up and just placed an order for some BFL (Blue Face Leicester) roving that is divine! So that means I'll be dyeing roving in a few weeks and my hands will probably not be their natural color for months. I hate gloves!

The kids are doing well in school and I can see the beginnings of them untyeing the apron strings. I'm excited about this and a little depressed at the same time......they will always be my babies. Eric and I are certain their are Borrower's living in our house. Really. In the last week to 10 days we've had several things go missing including one of my good shoes, my drying bag for fleece, our VA state road atlas (now we can't get there from here), and several pairs of my good scissors. If they're holding them for ransome I wish they'd hurry up and let us know what they want in return...........I really want my shoe back!
I got my samples out in the mail for the October Phat Fiber Box yesterday. They should get there in time for the video on Wednesday the 14th and I think the boxes go on sale shortly after that. I could be certainly wouldn't be the first time. Now I have to work on November samples. Honestly, there just aren't enough hours in the day for all the stuff that needs to be done!!! I also need to grow about 6 more arms. I better go get stuff in the shops and make some money...........there's a Fiber Festival in Berryville in 2 weeks and I want to go!! No fun going if you can only window shop!

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~ Phyllis ~ said...

We are beginning to have cooler weather also. Soon be time to bring out the warm woolies.
I believe your Borrower's have been visiting my house also.