Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Smart Tortoise!

Okay, I have to tell you about George, Alex's Russian tortoise. It still amazes me. The whole family was outside mulching and planting on Saturday. Alex brought George out so he could graze and get some exercise.....who needs a fat tortoise right? Anyway, I was going in the house to get a drink and there was George on the welcome mat by the front door waiting just like the cats when they want in. Is it possible? I opened the door and sure enough he started inside. I got my drink and came back out. Ten minutes later I had to go back in because I forgot something (this is the story of my life). There is a step up from the inside porch to the living room and George was sitting at the step. The step is to high for him to climb and we use to have a little ramp we put there for him to go up and down, apparently he remembered this. I put his ramp in place and he tootled on up and into the living room heading for Ethel. Eric and I were in total awe of this tortoise who has sense enough to go to the door when he's done outside and sense enough to wait for his ramp. I'm not sure who trained who but now he will sit by the front door when he wants out.

Let's see, what else. It's been raining ALOT'd think we were have our monsoon or something. The kids have decided they want their own mini garden this summer and have been planning what to put in it............this will probably last right up until they find out there is work involved. Katie is learning to spin and is doing pretty well. This is scary because I really thought my roving and batts were safe. Alex is doing SOL's at school and can't wait for the summer. I went to an auction Monday and came home with a load of jewelry I still need to sort. Eric is constantly cleaning and fiddling with watches, some of which are really beautiful. He just got back from the grocery store so I better go help put away groceries. Okay, I really want to see if he got any cookies, but I will help put away groceries. Later!

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