Saturday, May 9, 2009

600 Things to Do and only 2 Hands

My 2 functioning braincells are in overdrive. I have thought of a whole list of things I want to do and have another list of things I need to do (they literally fill up a page of paper) and only have 2 hands to do them. This means that I'm totally frustrated because I'm getting very little done but happy because I've got so many neat ideas and things to do. Maybe you should just shoot me now before the elation wears off. There's lots going on at the nuthouse on the mountain.........

Alex: getting over some sort of bronchitis like yuck, reading Redwall books like there's no tomorrow, creating his own games on the computer, figuring out new ways to convince me he took his shower yesterday and doesn't need to take one today, and trying to see how many dirty socks he can hide under his bed. I've also become disgustingly jealous of him...........his hair has grown out a little and we've discovered he has spring curls. Why are boys given gorgeous curly hair when they don't even care what it looks like?

Katie: loudly singing crazy made up songs in the shower mixed in with a song about a lime and a coconut she heard on the radio (Eric and I were almost in tears it was so funny), drawing tons of pictures of chubby animals, teasing me about how little she owes Tom Crook for her Animal Crossing house (I'll be an indentured servant to him for years I'm sure), and working on having everything in her room on her floor.......I think she still has a floor, I just can't see it.

Eric: now has enough watches to set one for each time zone and country in the world (his work area sounds like a million little bombs ticking and I'm waiting for something to explode), wading through piles of documents from the civil war to the 1920's from a single family he got at an estate auction (I'm still amazed someone kept them all these years), procrastinating mowing the grass.........I'm not sure if he is dreading getting the mower out and "prepping" it or if he loves the way the yard looks with all the wildflowers blooming in it.

Me: updating everything or at least attempting to, adding stuff to the BMH shop and Beth1818 shop drawing/giveaway page on the website, washing and carding a lovely soft llama fleece I got, fighting a losing battle with keeping the house clean (anyone know how much it cost to rent a bulldozer?), ignoring the laundry, procrastinating raking the leaves out of the flower beds and weeding, and trying to find a home for 9lbs of wool amidst the mess.

As you can see, it's the usual at our house and my flowers are coming up like gang busters!!! If the deer eat my iris' this year I'm taking up hunting and I don't care what season it is!! Do you need a license to strangle them with your bare hands? Anyway, I hope everyone has a fabulous Mother's Day weekend!!!

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