Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sleepovers, Drum Carders, and Treasure

Whew! What a week! I don't even know where to start there's so much going on. Katie had a sleep over at a friends house last night and Alex had a friend sleep over here last night so both of my kids are worn out. I think it's written in stone somewhere that you have to stay up late at a sleepover , at least my kids think so. They both had a great time!

Friday I got sooo excited! One of my personal pieces of jewelry I had listed on Etsy in an effort to save the money for a drum carder sold!! I squealed and told Eric I've got $50 towards my carder. He said "That's great! With all the other stuff you've sold on the BMH etsy shop you should be able to get it soon." WHAT?! Again, WHAT!?! He never mentioned that money could go toward my drum carder. Holy crap! I ran downstairs and added up my sales for the last two weeks. With my necklace money I was a little over $260. Not to shabby. Half an hour later somebody purchased $50 from the BMH shop. I screamed only $26 more to go!!!! Eric told me to go ahead and order the drum carder...........I'm sure he was tired of hearing the blow by blow updates (I knew he would be....part of my evil plot to wear him down ;) and he was probably getting a headache from all my screaming. So, I ordered my Little Kitty Drum carder and it should be here this coming week. BIG YAHOOO! Saturday's knitting group meeting was great! Melissa brought her new portable Spin O Lution (I'm sure I spelled that wrong) spinning wheel and we sat outside the Daily Grind at tables on the sidewalk. She spun and the rest of us knit. Melissa and I both brought stuff from our Etsy shops (it's like show and tell) so the table was piled up with fiber goodies........people thought we were have some kind of craft show and Melissa and I both ended up giving out a few business cards. I sold my Peacock on Toast batts to Tracy's mom and bought some roving and dyed curly locks for myself. We had lots of fun!
I've actually got the laundry done, well, enough of it, the house clean, and all the other sundry boring household things situated so this weekend has been dedicated to making things for the shop. Jewelry is easy, you just take a picture. Handcrafted stuff takes time so I've been carding, spinning, and sewing. I should have a reasonable amount of stuff to put in the BMH Etsy shop this week. My friend Jenny at Bare Sheep Yarn just posted a picture on her blog with some fabulous hand dyed yarn drying in the breeze. I can't wait to see that in her shop!! She has some beautiful colorways and her yarns are fabulous. If you're a yarnohalic check out her Etsy shop
Well, I need to go put frozen pizza in the oven (traditional Sunday lunch in this house) and help the kids decide which Sponge Bob cartoon we're watching with favorite is Gary, Squidword, Mrs. Puff, Sponge Bob, Mr. Crabs.......okay, I like them all...............

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