Sunday, April 12, 2009


I wanted to wish every one a HAPPY EASTER! Yah! It's getting warmer and my daffodils are thinking about blooming, all 6 of them. Eric and I just hid Easter eggs and it's freezing outside. We thought it would be funny to hide the eggs in the neighbors yard but we were to lazy to walk across the road. My kids are old enough now that they know all about the Easter bunny and wanted to fill their own eggs. Why not? They had a ball and I know all those jelly beans didn't end up in the eggs but I didn't have to spend an hour doing it by myself. I did have to supervise........I didn't want to hide empty eggs and I know they would have inhaled that candy. I gotta go goof off today and do family stuff but will update the website this week. I know, I know its been awhile! I did get the photos taken for my homicide prevention progress and 2 functioning braincells so that's a start. Later!

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