Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Okay, I forgot what day it is. Not that it really matters, they all seem to run together anyway. The only way I know it's the weekend is the alarm clock doesn't go off. Busy, busy, busy! I've been carding (hand carding AAACCCKKKK!) the babydoll wool and put a listing for it in my Etsy shop. We'll see how that goes. I want to dye some and have small batches of different colors but that is going to have to wait for a little bit. I finally got all that damned jewelry on ebay Sunday and the rest on Monday. The good stuff is for Etsy and I'm swimming in it. Take pictures, edit pictures, list jewelry..........this is my world during the day. I did get a skein of handspun ready for Etsy called Teal Zebra. I decided it was time to spin some for Beth last night and started the last batch of Waltzing Matilda. I had to, really, because I started my shawl with the spun Waltzing Matilda........sounded like a good excuse to me. OH! I finally finished my Mtn. Lower vest!!! I love it and it fits!! Katies fimo button looks great on it. The vest looks better on me than it does on Basil (yes, I named my dummy) despite the fact that he has more in the way of boobs than I do. Let's not go there, I'm trying to have a good day.

I had a neat idea over the weekend. I'm sure you smelled the smoke and thought the neighbors house was on fire but it was just me thinking. I took the leftover yarn from my Woodsman scarf and wound it into a mini skein. It was sooo cute. What to do with a mini skein? I hooked it on my key chain and called it my Emergency Stash. Eric thought it was a fabulous idea........he really did like it because if he thought it was stupid he would have told me so, in no uncertain terms. My sweetheart is honest, brutally so sometimes. Anyway, I dumped a bag of dyed roving on the sofa and let the kids pick color combinations. Then they hand card the wool and make rolags so I could spin them. I'm going to list those today for my fiber addicted sisters (and brothers) who break out in a cold sweat as soon as they realize they left the house without a knitting project....you know, just in case.

What else? My crocuses are coming up all over the yard and nobody has stepped on them yet despite my strategically planting them where we always seem to walk. The neighbors probably think we're all drunk they way we amble around the yard.........they're far enough away not to see the flowers. The cats keep rolling in the dirt and then want in the house. I wonder what part of NO they don't understand...........you're right, they understand, they just don't care. Enough rambling! It's time to update my website and list some more stuff on Etsy........or go eat more Girl Scout cookies. Those things are dangerous!

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