Sunday, March 29, 2009

Living In A Cloud

Well, I think spring is finally hasn't been freezing anyway. Our crocuses are blooming, my irises are coming up all over the place, my strawberry plants are turning green and our lilacs have flower buds in them. The wild trillium (photo is from last year) and the bloodroot should be blooming in another month or two--both endangered species that grow wild on our mountain. It's sooo beautiful up here when everything starts blooming and turning green!!! I makes up for all the really hateful crap you have to deal with in the winter--driving down a curvy mountain road with ice and snow is NOT my idea of fun.

The kids and I stayed up last night and watched the Saturday Sillies on PBS. We love those British comedies! Alex in particular--his favorites are Last of the Summer Wine, Keeping Up Appearances, Faulty Towers, and Are You Being Served. That kid has a great sense of humor and wit about him, I hope he keeps it into adult hood. He might live to see adult hood if he keeps his dirty socks off the living room floor--he claims they belong to our 13 year old cat. Cripes! Katie shocked me yesterday. She said she wanted to learn how to knit..........with toothpicks! What? She indicated that if it was "mini" she wanted to do it. We started off with small needles (size 5 in 6" straight needles) and I taught her the knit and purl stitches. She was doing fine, then decided it was time to tackle toothpicks. If she were allowed to curse she most definitely would have. I think knitting with toothpicks is where she has drawn the line at "mini".

Eric is busy with all his pocket watches and watch parts. He has them scattered all over computer desk and table. He showed me a teeny tiny screw that came out of a looked like a spec of dirt, no kidding. They don't make screw drivers that small! How would you get it in the watch, osmosis? Anyway, his computer area sounds and looks like it belongs to someone making bombs. The ticking would drive me mad if I didn't know working watches sell better than nonworking watches. Eric also showed Alex a website that teaches how to do most anything. I'm still not sure this was a good idea. Now he knows how to make match rockets (he spent hours doing this yesterday), breath fire (he can try this when he grows up and has his own house), and is working on some equally dangerous but amusing things that Eric I'm sure will help him with. Did I mention I married a 10 year old trapped in a man's body?

Me, I've been spinning. I'm almost dizzy from spinning so much! I finished spinning the Waltzing Matilda batts so I can finish my shawl and have started spinning the solid dark brown to trim it in. I got one skein done for my Etsy shop and am participating in a KAL (Knit Along) in one of my Ravelry groups so I need to spin some more for that. I need to clean the house, take photos for Etsy and the website, finish the laundry, get packages ready for shipping, do the dishes, and update my website. I doubt I'll get all of it done.......okay, I know I won't, I'd settle for a third of it. Maybe I'll just go knit instead...................

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