Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Handspun, Sweet Peas, and the Dentist

I'm exhausted. I think there should be a law that everyone has the option to take a nap from one o'clock to 3 o'clock if they choose to with no repercussions. I sleep so much better in the afternoon than at night. Anyway, I went to the dentist yesterday so he could fix a loose cap. Apparently, I clench my teeth at night and this caused my cap to come loose and break part of my tooth. He said if you are married, have kids, have to pay bills, or have any real responsibilies you either clench or grind your teeth at night. Well hell, that's almost everybody! Dr. Heard suggested I wear one of those night guard thingys when I sleep to keep from damaging my teeth when I sleep. Problem. I have a very small mouth...........yes, it can be very loud and opinionated but small just the same--they have to use the kid size stuff with me and sometimes that's a little big. Anyway, it sounded like I was going to have a hard time finding one to fit me. Of course, he can custom make one for will only cost me one arm and one leg. That's okay, I'll just save up for dentures. I hate going to the Dentist!
I've been spinning alot to try and make a dent in my roving and get some on Etsy in hopes of selling enough to be able to buy is definitely a viscious circle but I love spinning.

Katie has been full of herself lately and found this stuff downstairs and decided to dress up. She's ready for some fly fishing..........mostly I think she just wants to tromp around in the water with those boots on. Alex took apart a broken printer we had. We threaten our equipement with "going to give you to Alex if you don't work". You'd be surprised what that child can do to electronics with a screw driver and a hammer. That printer learned a lesson and went into the trash in a plastic grocery bag. He loves taking things apart and then smashing them, sounds like some pissed off elf in Santa's workshop when he's doing it.

Eric found some yellow crocuses coming up in the yard yesterday (yeah!) and Katie had the overwhelming desire to plant sweet peas in a flower pot. My geranium slips are ALL rooting, this is unheard of , and our lilacs are budding out. Spring must be on it's way!!!! Gotta go earn some money, take it easy.

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