Monday, February 23, 2009


Well, Eric and I opted to not go to the auction today. He was looking at three animal heads (no kidding) and I was looking at a half dress form so we called out bids in and are keeping our fingers crossed. There is a nice auction on Thursday we are saving our money for. We've found if you go to an auction and have to sit through hours of stuff before they get to what you want you end up buying things you not only hadn't intended but shouldn't have. So we're saving money by not being there............honestly, I just didn't feel like taking a shower super early this morning so I'd be ready to go. I'm sitting on pins and needles waiting for my roving to show up in the mail. I'm so impatient. There is a lady on Ravelry with a wheel and accessories for sale and I desperately want some of the accessories!!! I sent her a message about getting just those items and no answer yet, more pins and needles to sit on. j

Katie and I went to our knitting/crochet group on Saturday and had a great time!! I opted for hot chocolate this time instead of a latte and I wasn't climbing the walls when we left this time. I think my body is super sensitive to caffeine. I came home with some gorgeous batts that Melissa made and I loved looking at everyones projects they were working on. The kids and I cleaned the house this weekend (finally) and I had to empty the cannister in the vacume cleaner twice because of all the cat hair. It's a sign of spinning addiction when you start looking at the stuff that comes out of your vacume and thinking "hmmm, I wonder.......". I will not be going there though, I'm to lazy to clean it and card it. Oh! I got my yarn meter (which works like a charm) and my knit picks dpn needles which I absolutely love!!!! Getting things in the mail is another of my addictions (bills and junk mail don't count), always has been. Speaking of mail, I need to go do shipping and edit, fun.

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