Sunday, January 1, 2012

January 2012 Newsletter

We hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday! There was no snow on the mountain for Christmas but my boys found other things to entertain themselves with. Eric and Alex took all the burnable broken Christmas ornaments and lined them up like an army. Then they proceeded to soak cotton balls with flammable liquid, light said cotton balls and launch them at the Christmas Ornament army with a homemade launcher. There was a big enough fire in our driveway to roast marshmallows. Never a dull moment here. Katie and I had a debate going on as to whether or not this was a "guy" thing or a "fire bug" thing. We decided there probably wasn't any difference so we went inside and ate cookies. We hope everyone has a healthy and prosperous New Year!!~~Beth

January Special: use coupon code 10TOP for 10% off all dyed top & roving

We launched our Wool Combs and Hackles Tutorials this month! There was a slight change in plans and we started with the Art Roving Hackle instead of the Comb and Hackle sets. Dizzing instructions will also be included with each tool tutorial as well as other tips and tricks. We will be going over each tool as in depth as we can and each tool may require more than one post so don't forget to get the RSS feed available or sign up on the Contact Us form on the Home page of our website to get our "heads up" emails so you don't miss any! Please feel free to ask questions and leave comments on the Tutorials! I will be answering questions concerning the tools and techniques in using them.

~~New in the shop!~~

Smooth WHATEVER batts are back! The batts are made with a variety of mill combed top, sparkle, faux cashmere, and firestar. Colors are grabbed at random and run through the drum carder creating a colorful crazy batt that will spin into a one of a kind yarn.

BMH Store Gift Certificates are now available!

We now offer a 4 Pitch English style Wool Comb and Hackle for $195.00! The set comes with the 4 pitch non-recessed stationary hackle and a 4 pitch comb of your choice (heavy, hybrid, or light).

~~January's Events~~

Fiber Indie eXperience Co-op's F.I.X. Chix January Prize Box Drawing
Starts: retroactive Dec 30
Ends: Jan 29th
Prize: 4 boxes filled with fiber and yarn goodies with a total value of approx. $400!! For more information see the F.I.X. Co-op Ravelry group or the Co-op page here on the website.

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