Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wool Comb and Hackle & Free Shipping thru Dec. 25th

Blue Mountain Handcrafts
Just a few things...................

--I've finished clearing out the shop and now thru Dec. 25th there is Free Shipping on all items excluding Tools, Clearance, and Custom Made
--we are discontinuing carrying Unicorn Products...they're great we just don't sell enough to try and keep it in stock so it's all been marked down and moved to the Clearance page
--hopefully, by early this coming week we will have our listing up for a 4 pitch English style wool comb and hackle set for less than $200. It will still be Eric's wonderful design where beauty meets comfort and functionality.
--new batts listed in the shop  know you want fiber for Christmas!!! I know I do;)

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