Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Where have I been???

I can't remember the last time I posted but I know it's been to long. I had the brilliant idea that I should have all the stuff on the website that I carry in the Etsy and Artfire shops. Yeah, it sounds good but actually doing it is ALOT ALOT ALOT of work. I've been working on it for days, really. I've got some of the new pages up and there will be more to come. Also (this took me 2 days) I completely redid all the Pay Pal buttons on the site because I needed to redo the shipping. So after much hair pulling and putting my eyeballs back in my head after sitting at the computer for hours at a time the Blue Mountain Handcrafts website now offers Global Shipping. Not only that but shipping is caluculated by your postal zone if your domestic or your country if your international AND it is calculated according to the weight of your items. In short, your shipping will be much more reasonable. The only fly in the shipping ointment is that Pay Pal would only allow for 5 shipping "categories". What only 5? Cripes!  Any way you can read all about the new shipping on our Shop Policies page (also new). Here is a list of all the new pages that should be up and running on the website by this weekend.


BMH Gift Certificates        and          Shop Policies         (secondary pages to HOME page)
BMH Fiber & Yarns---dyed and undyed top and roving, art roving, batts, clouds, handspun yarn, dyed yarn, luxury fibers (silk, bamboo, faux cashmere, tencel), firestar, crystal metallic fiber, undyed and natural fleece and locks
BMH Handmade--Caddy Sax bags, Little Buddy bags, Monkey Sax backpacks, Merlin Tree spinning wheel totes, knitting needle and crochet hook cases, Katie Bug Creations magnets and pins, custom made bags, needle cases, etc.

We also have the new ART ROVING HACKLE up for sale!!!! There are videos posted with the hackle listing showing how I make chunky as well as smooth art roving. That hackle is fabulous......Eric gave me mine for our 14th anniversary, he's so sweet;) My shoulders are killing me and my eyes are getting blurry so I'm going to get off the computer now. Please stop by the website and have a look at all the new stuff!!!!

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