Tuesday, September 28, 2010

SVFF & New Stuff on the Website!

We've added some new stuff to the website! We now have a CLEARANCE page where I've listing some of the expired items from the Etsy shop at discounted prices so if you want some spinning fiber, Caddy Sax bags, handspun yarn, etc. check it out and come back often. I'll be adding stuff to it as items expire and possibly adding some handspun yarn that I need to destash. Also, we are now offering a 3 month LAY AWAY PLAN for all of the BMH fiber tools......yep, you can pay in small monthly installments now!! Also, in BMH news we were contacted by the SpinDoctor herself and Sasha wants to review our comb and hackle set for her podcast.......awesome!! I'm not sure when it will actually be available for download but I'm excited about it:)

Last Saturday the kids and I went to the Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival. I've been wanting to go for years and this year I actually did it. We had a fabulous time oogling fiber goodies and we got to hang out with several BMH Ravelry group members which was awesome!! Aimee of ZooCreations, Anita of Yarndemon Designs, Magan of ModernSpin, and Chan (ChanKnits on Ravelry) were all there. I'm sure we helped boost the economy significantly! The kids had a good time and enjoyed meeting some of  "Mom's crazy fiber friends". Alex was nice enough to take a group picture (left to right: me, Chan, Anita, Aimee, Magan, and Katie), we got a picture of the "Fimo Queen" with the "Fimo Princess" (Anita & Katie), and last but certainly not least, we got a picture of Alex in his new relaxed ad campaign for BMH. Seriously, Aimee and I found him like this when we walked out of one of the buildings. He was guarding the fleeces we had purchased and didn't want to drag inside........when we found him he was drifting off to sleep. He said that lying on fleeces was very comfortable;) That's my boy!

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Anita said...

It was SO great meeting you & the kids! And thank you for helping me pick out a fleece, I'm really excited about that. :) Tell Eric I hate he didn't come so I could meet him too.