Sunday, September 5, 2010

BMH Etsy Shop Update!

I got a few things listed in the shop today! For the whole month of September I'm offering 15% off batts and handspun yarn for anyone who leaves the code "SeptFIX" in the messages at checkout....not valid with Special Listings.

The kids and I are gearing up for school that starts on Tuesday. We've gone through all their clothes and ditched the ones that don't fit, we've sorted school supplies (the living room looks like someone bombed Staples), and in a little while we'll do haircuts........always fun....for me, the kids hate it. I think mostly they just don't like to sit still for very long but I'm alot faster than Eric so they didn't complain. I must admit, I will miss having them home during the day........they help out alot around the house when asked and they've been quite entertaining this summer. The kids and I have managed to go through every episode of all three seasons of Robin Hood on NetFlix this summer, they were introduced to the Munsters, Leave It To Beaver, and we've been through all the Addam's Family. No, we did not sit in front of the TV all summer........this was accomplished in our lunch hour during the week. Alex has combed an entire small fleece for me to spin and Katie has some awesome new ideas for her pins/magnets and buttons. She hit the jackpot yesterday and found a great little toaster oven at the Good Will for $12 to bake her polymer creations in........much cheaper than using the oven. Well, back to work!

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