Saturday, September 18, 2010

Blue Mtn. Handcrafts is now a Louet Dealer!!!

Wahoo!! BMH is now officially a Louet dealer!! I've listed tons of stuff on the website and am working on all the Pay Pal buttons. The website will carry Louet spinning wheels, accessories, drum carders, and bulk fiber (1/2lbs) in the undyed and dyed. I'm very excited about expanding our product line! The website has been totally revamped and has a whole new look as well...........I like it much better. It's easy to navigate, all the info on the fiber tools is in one place, and it's organized. I still have to revamp the Ashford pages some but I'll get there. Lots to do!!

The Fiber Indie eXperience Co-op drawing is still going on...........don't forget, every order you place with Blue Mountain Handcrafts gets you an entry into the prize box drawing. Just post your order in the FIX Co-op Ravelry group thread OR if you're not a Raveler just let me know and I'll post your order for you. Easy peezy!!

In other news, Deb Menz will also be using a pair of Eric's handcombs at SOAR along with the blending and art roving hackles. I can't wait to hear her feedback!!! A good friend of mine, Anita of Yarndemon Designs on etsy, got her Mermaid Scarf pattern published in the Knitting Pattern A Day 2011 calendary........way to go Anita!!! I really need to get one of those calendars when they come out.....sounds like something Santa could get me.  The kids are doing well in school so far. They like their teachers, are making some new friends, and are bringing home good grades. What more can you ask for other than a week with two Saturdays in it? I'm working on plying some yarn for a Knit A Long I'm participating in in the Fancy Kitty Kitten Lovers group on Ravelry. The batts were gorgeous and the yarn is looking really good so far, I'm very happy with it. Well, we've got errands to run in town, laundry to do, house to clean, and a lawn to ignore so I better get to work!

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Anita said...

Love some of the new Louet stuff, & the fact that you can get it in 1/2 pounds! :) You've been busy! I'd like a couple of those Saturdays off myself... And thankee for mentioning my pattern. :)