Sunday, March 28, 2010

This Week.........

Lots going on this week! It's rainy and yucky out today which means it's a good day to get stuff done inside........I really didn't feel like cleaning out the flower beds anyway ;) Here's a quick run down of life on the mountain:

* Eric is making a set of basic 2 pitch handcombs that could conceivabley be clamped to a table. They are not as fancy as the other 2 pitch handcombs but will be good for busting up and fluffing out washed fleece. They will run about $78 on the website and $85.80 in the etsy shop. Of course, I have to test them first to make sure they'll stand up to a good beating........I'm the perfect "crash test dummy"

*I'm now an Ashford dealer (sorry, not wheels, looms, or drum carders) and will be carrying crystal metallic fiber in 10 colors to start with in the etsy shop....5 more to come in the future. I now have access to all the Ashford parts for the wheels, looms, etc and accessories like bobbins and fly wheels as well as all the books and fibers they carry. If you need something Ashford let me know.......I can do bulk fiber and give you a good deal on anything else.

*I got my April Phat Fiber samples sent out on Wednesday and am in the planning stages of the samples for the May box. It's going to be something special with prizes involved! No, I'm not telling now........only one other person knows and she's been pinky sworn to secrecy ;)

*Alex is starting to act like a teenager........I wondered when it would happen. I think that child talks on the phone to his friend Kevin about 2 or 3 times a day and on the weekends who knows how many times. Kevin is cool though....he likes to be on speaker phone sometimes and talks to the whole family. Alex has been playing Monopoly in one of his classes at school to teach the kids about money, real estate, etc. We use to call him "Mr. Burns" (from the Simpsons) when we played Monopoly with him because he always had tons of property and piles of money. Apparently, this has not changed and he's cleaned everyone out every game they've played at the point kids are getting tired of playing because they keep losing. He's always been lucky at games and cards and when you throw "smarticles" in with it, well, he's dangerous. I need to take that boy to Vegas.

*Katie Bug is still making super cute clay figures.......she loves chubby cute animals and has enough for a zoo. She's been getting A's on her tests in school (history, science, reading comprehension) and even B's in math........not her best subject but she gets that honest, if I don't have a calculator or my shoes off I'm lost. I've managed to get her to make me a few super cute sheep pins to go in my batt subscription packages and she's got ideas for more. Bless her heart, she's just like many ideas you hardly know where to start!

Okay, back to work........there are bags to sew, fiber to weigh, and pancakes to make!

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Anita said...

Oh! I want pancakes! Yummy

Ack! The teenager syndrome, I feel for ya... been there, done that! Levi is a text feind now, so I guess that phone thing just doesn't go away. :)

Good for Katie! Math wasn't my best subject either. Must be a product of being creative, something had to suffer. I guess the creative part of the brain takes over the math part. LOL