Friday, February 19, 2010

Greener Shades Dye

Well, I got my first order of Greener Shades dye on Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday  I dyed 4oz of various types of fiber (hand processed fleece, mill processed top and roving, firestar, and silk) to see how they'd do. The dyes are fabulous!! I was able to exhaust the color in all the dyes (red and black included!) and the colors are beautiful rich gemtones at the 1% depth of color (medium shade of that color). The black is actually black, not purplish blueish whateverish. The only one I had trouble exhausting the dye bath with was the Coral Reef Aqua (turquoise) and this I believe was mostly my fault. It's virtually impossible for me to follow directions exactly for to long before I want to experiment. I should know better by now, huh. Anyway, I didn't add enough citric acid to the aqua dye bath (ph is important...needs to be acidic enough to "fix" the dye to the fiber) and I got some beautiful blues but not the dark turquoise with the exception of a couple of the mill processed fiber---we all know superwash will dye if you just show it the dye jar. As a treat to myself for pretty much sticking to the directions for each of the 9 colors (technical dyeing, BLAH) I threw some white cormo fleece in a pot and dyed it "granny style".........a little of this, a little of that with no measuring. IT CAME OUT GORGEOUS!!! Wahooo! Now I'm waiting for my goodies to dry so I can make some awesome batts. For more info on the Greener Shades dye you can go to their website and I've now got Greener Shades dye, starter dye kits, citric acid, and the World of Color Dye Book in pdf (has 120 color formulas using the basic 9 colors) in my etsy shop and in The Store on my website.


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Anita said...

I'm sure mine will be here any day now... what were you thinking shipping them where I'll receive them on a work night? LOL