Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fun Mail!

I got fun mail yesterday!! I love getting stuff in the mail....well, except for bills but who likes getting bills? Anyhow, I got my Greener Shades dye order (finally) and managed to get it up in the Etsy shop and on the Website. I just dyed a batch of Ruby Red with a bunch of different fibers....product testing, right! Next I'm doing purple. Basically, I'm going to try out all 9 colors and then geez what am I going to do with 36oz of gorgeous dyed fiber.......guess I'll be carding some awesome batts that's what!!! I felt like a mad scientist testing the ph of the water and actually keeping track of the temperature. Eric suggested I follow the directions for at least the 1st batch of each color. I know, super boring but he's right.......I can do my "granny style" thing after I get the test batches done.

My super duper fun package was from Anita aka yarndemon from our Fancy Kitty Ravelry group swap. There was alot of squealing and ooohhing and aaaahhing going on as I unwrapped each fantastic item. I got some beautiful batts that I'm in the process of spinning, a super cute tape measure that Katie tried to steal, some of Anita's awesome fimo clay stitch markers (she's got lots more at ), incredibly soft faux angora, dyed firestar, lotion, a beautiful soap bag with some almond and oatmeal soap, lots of edible treats, and Poo Poo Paper. It's absolutely is actually made from recycled elephant poop. Apparently, they only digest 60% of the vegetable matter they eat so there's alot of fiber in their poop and this company recycles it into paper. Don't worry, it doesn't smell like poop. I love the company's tag line "We're Number One At Number Two!" You can get your own poo poo paper at   I've got it bookmarked ;)

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Anita said...

SO glad you are enjoying everything! I just love that poo paper, makes me snicker every time I use it. :)